Handsome boy ❤️

2 days ago

Hoarding toys #james #kitty #socute

2 days ago

Be jealous of my heart shaped ice cubes

2 days ago

We picked out each other’s outfits and she was so excited. #adorable @livinlovinmaid90

2 days ago

This area of Rochester is so much cuter than where I was before :)

3 days ago


inspired by a tweet I saw. Fyi I am also doing the tweeting @rubyetc

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(via rubyetc)

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@livinlovinmaid90 captured the amazing sunset.

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Stopped to take a break and walk around and found some flowers.

5 days ago

Less motivating when you’ve been stuck in traffic for 30 minutes. #masspike #traffic #roadtrip #keepcalm

5 days ago